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Your hearing test in London: A step by step guide

Looking for a hearing test in London? Unlike the basic screenings offered by high street chains, our initial consultations and hearing tests are designed to be thorough and comprehensive. With a focus on clinical expertise and a dedication to building lasting relationships, we offer an exceptional service tailored to each individual’s needs. Our goal? To improve your quality of life through accurate diagnostics and state-of-the-art care.


Read on for a step by step guide to our hearing test, from signs of hearing loss to what’s involved in the hearing test. 

Signs you need a Hearing Test

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Hearing loss can creep up on us, often so gradually that it’s easy to miss the early signs. However, early detection is key to preventing further damage and improving your quality of life. Here are some signs that it might be time for a hearing test:


  • Difficulty understanding conversations, especially in noisy environments
  • The feeling that people are mumbling or speaking too softly
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • Challenges in following group conversations
  • Increasing the volume on the television or radio higher than others prefer
  • Difficulty hearing on the telephone

What are the degrees of hearing loss?

There are four different degrees of hearing loss, which can be determined using a standard hearing test or ‘Pure Tone Audiogram’:


  • Mild hearing loss
  • Moderate hearing loss
  • Severe hearing loss
  • Profound hearing loss


This is just one of the many tests we offer at Pindrop as part of our extensive consultation process.

What is a Hearing Test?

A hearing test is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by an audiologist to determine the presence, type, and severity of hearing loss. Unlike simple screenings, a full diagnostic hearing test provides a detailed understanding of your hearing health, allowing for personalised care and treatment.

Types of Hearing Tests

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At Pindrop Hearing, we utilise a variety of tests to accurately assess your hearing:


  • Video-Otoscopy: A visual examination of your ear canal and eardrum using a specialised camera.
  • Ear Wax Removal: If necessary, we use gentle micro-suction to clear any obstructions.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry: This test measures your ability to hear various pitches and volumes within a soundproof booth.
  • Tympanometry: An evaluation of middle ear function to detect issues such as fluid or congestion.
  • Speech Discrimination in Noise Testing: This assesses your ability to understand speech against background noise.

A step by step to our Hearing Test

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  • Initial consultation: We start with a thorough consultation to understand your hearing history and concerns.
  • Video-otoscopy: You’ll have the option to view the inside of your ear canal on screen, helping us identify any physical obstructions or issues.
  • Ear wax removal: If necessary, we’ll gently remove any wax buildup using micro-suction.
  • Diagnostic tests: Through a series of advanced tests in our soundproof room, we’ll pinpoint the nature and severity of any hearing loss.
  • Full explanation and demonstrations: We’ll walk you through your results, providing clear explanations and recommendations for next steps.

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Our hearing test is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by the high street chain providers. Book your consultation today.

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Why get a private Hearing Test

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Choosing a private hearing test with Pindrop Hearing offers numerous advantages:


  • Access to the latest technologies: We offer the most advanced hearing aids not available through the NHS, ensuring you receive the best possible care.
  • Personalised choice and consultation: Our comprehensive consultations allow us to tailor solutions precisely to your needs, offering a wider range of hearing aid styles and technologies.
  • Reduced wait times: With private care, you can expect to be seen much faster than through public services, with follow-up appointments readily available.
  • Superior aftercare: Our commitment to your hearing health doesn’t end with the test; we provide quick and accessible aftercare services to keep you hearing your best.


Many of the large, national hearing aid-dispensing companies offer free hearing tests, but there’s often a catch. The free hearing test may in fact be a basic screening that’s being used as part of a sales pitch. The dispensers often work on commission and it’s their job to sell you a hearing aid. Less time will be spent on evaluating your hearing and more time will be spent on selling.


Charging for our appointments enables us to offer a far greater level of clinical evaluation, which includes Speech Discrimination Tests. There won’t be any hard sell, just objective, clinical advice. You will receive a thorough explanation of your results along with a written report and recommendations.

“Pindrop Hearing treated me like a real person, their service is and always has been caring and empathic. Their initial consultation left me feeling like everything could be OK, and they tweaked my hearing aids during the follow-up appointments until I was happy. Their prices and service represent great value for money as well. From my experience of audiologists, both private and NHS, Pindrop Hearing are the best” – Gavin R

Our free online hearing test

For those who are curious about their hearing but not ready to book an in-person test, we offer a free online hearing test. This can be a helpful first step in recognising any potential hearing issues from the comfort of your home.


Simply answer a couple of questions and we’ll help point you in the right direction based on your needs.

Your results and our recommendations

Close up of someone holding up an Oticon hearing aid


If we feel that you would benefit from using hearing aids, we will talk to you about the most appropriate device for you, taking into account:


  • Technology: The right manufacturer and level of technology for your needs
  • Style & comfort: Maximum discretion with maximum benefit to your hearing and the most appropriate fitting for your ear canal shape
  • Value for money: We stock a range of products to suit every budget. We will show you suitable hearing aid types from a variety of manufacturers and discuss the most appropriate choice for you


Our prestigious hearing clinic on Harley Street and state-of-the-art facility on Winchmore Hill have been established for over ten years. We work alongside leading ENT consultants and we come recommended by GPs.


Embarking on your hearing journey with Pindrop Hearing is a step towards a fuller, richer life. With our expert team, state-of-the-art technology, and patient-first philosophy, we’re dedicated to providing the highest standard of hearing care. Contact us today to book your comprehensive hearing test and take the first step towards better hearing.

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