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Tinnitus Management Rehabilitation Clinic

Tinnitus affects 1/8 people, we can help reduce your symptoms.

Do you hear a ringing or a buzzing sound?

You could have Tinnitus, which involves hearing a sound when there is no external sound present. This can be heard in one or both ears which can become distressing and start to interfere with your quality of life.

Our initial assessment can help identify what could be causing your tinnitus so we can work on diminishing the symptoms and put your mind at rest.

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What are potential causes of Tinnitus?

  • Underlying hearing loss - 80% of people with Tinnitus also suffer with this
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Medications
  • Ear related injury
  • Neck or head injuries

Step by step guide to our Tinnitus assessment

Our Tinnitus Specialist performs a thorough assessment of your hearing.

A range of diagnostic tests are performed to understand your individual Tinnitus profile (shown below).

Your specialist will then recommend an appropriate treatment pathway and answer any of your questions and concerns.

We will then begin treating your symptoms.

How we create your personalised Tinnitus profile

Through these diagnostic tests, we can help direct our treatments towards your specific needs.


We will examine your ear canal and identify any obvious obstructions such as wax and any problems with the ear canal or eardrum.

Ear wax removal

If we determine there is any ear wax blocking the ear canal, this will be removed easily and painlessly using micro-suction.

High frequency pure tone audiometry

This is performed in our soundproof booth and is used to look at how sensitive your cochlea is to sounds.


We test your middle ear function where we can identify any negative pressure, congestion or fluid in the middle ear.

Speech Discrimination in noise testing

We will test your ability to understand speech with and without background noise, performed in our soundproof room.

Pitch Matching

This is to understand the frequency of your Tinnitus which can help in tailoring therapies for yourself.

Uncomfortable Loudness Level Test

This is used to identify any sounds which could be causing you discomfort (This is not always performed).

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The Treatment Options for You

After your diagnostic tests, we will tailor the following therapies to your individual needs. This will help treat the symptoms of Tinnitus you suffer from effectively.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is to alter your perception of tinnitus.
Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, we will help you focus on the positive outcomes of coping with your ailment.

Hearing aids

These could help to control your Tinnitus.
Often the underlying cause of Tinnitus is due to a hearing loss. We use hearing aids to correct the hearing loss and find that by increasing the ambient sounds, we have a dulling or total masking of the Tinnitus.

Sound Therapy

Sound is used to partially/completely cover the Tinnitus with the use of both wearable and/or non-wearable devices.


This is a relaxation technique that tries to change your body’s reaction to stress.
This encourages you to control involuntary bodily functions (such as pulse and muscle tension).

Book your Tinnitus Assessment & Test for just £295

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tinnitus be cured?

Tinnitus cannot be cured, but thankfully it can be treated so that the symptoms are lessened.

Are there any home remedies I can use in between treatments?

There are some remedies that might help you cope with Tinnitus and improve your quality of your life:

Meditation, Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, Exercise, Healthy eating habits, Yoga, Earplugs, Massage therapy.

Can Tinnitus get worse?

It is very uncommon for symptoms to get worse. However, some factors can worsen Tinnitus such as

anxiety and prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Do I have Ménière's Disease?

Ménière’s Disease is a condition of the inner ear. It causes a type of dizziness that makes you feel like you are spinning.

It can also cause you to experience Tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea and pressure inside your ear. Please inform your hearing care

expert if you experience any of these symptoms along with your Tinnitus and we can help reduce

the severity and frequency of the dizziness.

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