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Your Hearing Aid Journey

Our initial consultation and Hearing test is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by the high street chain providers.

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1. Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation and Hearing test is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by the high street chain providers.

  • Highest level clinical expertise
  • Long-term focus on your hearing journey, building lasting relationships
  • Exceptional service beyond measure
  • Hearing education with customer first attitude
  • Consistent dedicated care
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Your Hearing Aid Journey

Our initial consultation is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by high street chains.

For anyone wanting to improve their hearing for the rest of their lives, it is highly beneficial to have a full diagnostic evaluation where we are far more likely to get an accurate hearing test result and therefore provide a better quality of life longer term for our customers.

In-depth Consultation

In-depth consultation with a highly experienced, Graduate, Clinical Audiologist. We will spend time discussing your symptoms, hearing history, exactly when and where you are having hearing difficulties, as well as other related issues such as Tinnitus, loudness sensitivity, noise exposure and family history.


We will examine your ear canal using our specialist video camera and display the picture for you to see (if you want to). We will be able to identify any obvious obstructions such as wax and identify any problems with the ear canal or eardrum.

Earwax removal (if necessary)

Earwax removal with micro-suction (if necessary). If we determine there is any occluding wax in the ear canal, this will be removed easily and painlessly using micro-suction.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry with AC, BC & Masking. Performed in our sound proof booth this is a full diagnostic hearing test, from which we can identify the exact nature, severity and cause of any hearing loss you may have.


This is a test of middle ear function, where we can identify any negative pressure, congestion or fluid in the middle ear

Speech Discrimination in noise testing

This test is done in our purpose built, calibrated, soundproof room. We will test your ability to understand speech with and without background noise

Full Explanation & Demonstrations

Full explanation of your test results with appropriate recommendations.

Print Outs

Print outs of your test results and quotations for further treatment and a report to your Doctor if applicable.

Explanation of results and recommendations

If we feel that you would benefit from using hearing aids, we will talk to you about the most appropriate device for you, taking into account:


The right manufacturer and level of technology for your needs

Style & Comfort

Maximum discretion with maximum benefit to your hearing and the most appropriate fitting for your ear canal shape

Value for money

We stock range of products to suit every budget. We will show you suitable hearing aid types from a variety of manufacturers and discuss the most appropriate choice for you

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2. Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aids arrive with factory settings, so we will need to programme yours during a hearing aid fitting appointment. We use a process called ‘Real Ear Measurement’; an essential step that measures the performance of the hearing aid while it’s in the ear – removing any element of guesswork.

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How does Real Ear Measurement work?

  • Tiny microphones are placed in your ears, so that we can measure the exact levels of sound arriving at your eardrum. The output from the microphone is displayed on a screen for you to see.
  • We put in your hearing aids and play a series of calibrated signals, such as speech and music. We can then see the exact level of sound being produced by the hearing aids in your ears and whether the hearing aid is adequately restoring sounds.
  • We compare this level to the targets calculated from your hearing test results.
  • We make sure that you are totally happy with the sound coming through your hearing aids. We will also show you how to handle your hearing aids, so that you are comfortable using them at home.
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3. Using Your Hearing Aid

We recommend that you begin testing your hearing aids in situations where you feel comfortable, for example when you’re talking to family or watching TV. We also recommend that you start wearing them for short periods of time and gradually build up. Of course, once you have got used to your hearing aids, you can wear them all the time

What will change?

Speech, music and television will all sound louder, sharper and clearer. Consonants such as ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘ch’ will sound more defined. You may now hear sounds around you that were inaudible or very quiet, such as footsteps on wooden floors, ticking clocks and bird song. Your own voice will also sound different.

You’ll quickly get an idea of how much your hearing aids are helping you and if any adjustments need to be made.

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4. Follow up & Fine Tuning

We’ll arrange for two follow up appointments around two and four weeks after the initial fitting so you can let us know how you’ve been getting on.

We will discuss your listening goals that we talked about in the initial assessment and determine how well your goals are being met by using the hearing aids; this gives us clear evidence of the benefit that you are getting.

At this point we can make fine tuning adjustments to your hearing aids to further personalise the sound for you. This process of fine-tuning can make all the difference in the long run: it helps you get the most from your hearing aids, and allows you to use them to their greatest efficiency.

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The ‘Sound Lounge’

To help us complete this process effectively we have installed a ‘Surround Sound’ system in our clinic, so that we can accurately re-create difficult listening environments such as busy restaurants, cocktail parties or street noise. We call it the ‘Sound-Lounge’. This is invaluable in measuring the performance of the hearing aids noise reduction features.

We then repeat the Speech Discrimination in noise tests that we performed in the initial assessment but this time you will be wearing your hearing aids. We compare your scores before and after the hearing aid fitting and we should see a significant improvement.

This gives us objective, documented evidence that your hearing aid fitting has been successful.

Money back guarantee – for your complete peace of mind

If, after your second follow up appointment you are not totally satisfied with your new hearing aids, then you can return them to us and we will give you a full refund, less the £149 consultation fee which is non-refundable and provided that this is within forty days of the initial fitting.

However, it is very rarely necessary for patients to return hearing aids to us. Our return rate is extremely low.

It’s this kind of commitment to service that makes Pindrop Hearing your best choice for hearing aids and hearing consultation.


5. Ongoing Aftercare

Most people’s hearing deteriorates over time and so do your hearing aids. That’s why it’s important to have reliable aftercare.

For You

In addition to your 6 monthly check-up appointments, you can come in and see us for minor adjustments or ‘fine tuning’any time you like, for the lifetime of your hearing aid. We also invite you to annual reassessment appointments, where we will re-test your hearing, check the hearing aids and re program them if your hearing has changed. This way, you’ll continue to enjoy maximum benefit from your hearing aids.

For your hearing aids

With Pindrop Hearing you have total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, we will take full responsibility for the repairs, and return the hearing aids to you in working order as quickly as possible.  We can even arrange for you to have a hearing aid on loan while yours is being repaired.

Depending on your hearing care plan, you will be covered for a period of two, three or five years. We have created a number of plans to cater for different requirements and budgets.

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