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Why you need to book a hearing test in London today

Are you a Londoner seeking to improve their hearing health? Pindrop Hearing is your top choice for comprehensive hearing care. Unlike the basic free tests offered by high street chain providers, Pindrop Hearing delivers a thorough and extensive initial consultation and hearing test. This depth of care is just the beginning of your journey to better hearing.

Read on to find out why you need to book a hearing test at our London practice today.

Why Choose Pindrop Hearing?

Woman having hearing test done by audiologist

Initial Consultation – A Cut Above the Rest

At Pindrop Hearing, we understand that hearing aids are more than just gadgets. They are sophisticated medical devices that require precise prescription and tuning to your unique hearing loss. That’s why our initial consultation and hearing test go beyond the standard procedures. We provide:


  • Highest level of clinical expertise: Our team comprises experienced, graduate clinical audiologists who offer in-depth consultations.
  • Long-term focus: We’re committed to your hearing journey, aiming to build lasting relationships and ensuring continuous, dedicated care.
  • Exceptional service: Our approach is customer-first, focusing on hearing education and delivering service beyond measure.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Specialised examinations: We use a specialist video camera to examine your ear canal, offering insights into any obstructions or issues.
  • Earwax removal: If necessary, we employ painless microsuction for earwax removal.
  • Advanced audiometry tests: We conduct full diagnostic hearing tests, including tympanometry and speech-in-noise testing, in our calibrated, soundproof room to accurately determine the nature and severity of your hearing loss.

Personalised Treatment Plans

  • Custom Device Selection: We consider the technology, style, comfort, and value to select the most suitable hearing aids for you.
  • Transparent Pricing: With a booking fee of only £149, we offer a range of products to fit every budget.

Book your hearing test today

Our initial consultation is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by high street chains.

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The Pindrop Difference – From Fitting to Aftercare

  1. Precision hearing aid fitting

We use evidence based, audiological best practices to fit your hearing aids, including Real Ear Measurements to ensure your hearing aids are perfectly calibrated to your ears, eliminating guesswork.

  1. Using your hearing aid

We recommend gradual use, starting in comfortable environments and building up to full-time wear.

  1. Follow-up and fine-tuning

We make fine-tuning adjustments based on your feedback and listening goals. We repeat the speech-in-noise tests from the initial assessment, so we can objectively measure the improvement that your hearing aids are providing.

With our money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied after the second follow-up, we offer a full refund, minus the consultation fee.

  1. The sound lounge experience

Our unique ‘Sound Lounge’ recreates challenging listening environments for optimal noise reduction testing.

    1. Ongoing aftercare

    • We offer regular check-ups, fine-tuning, and annual reassessments to ensure your hearing aids perform optimally over time.
    • Reliable repairs and cover plans: Our comprehensive hearing care plans ensure you’re always covered.

    Our online hearing helper

    This user-friendly online helper is designed to simplify your journey towards better hearing health. By providing a straightforward and accessible platform, the Hearing Helper demystifies the process of understanding and addressing hearing issues. 


    One of the remarkable aspects of the Hearing Helper is its ability to suggest a variety of solutions tailored to your specific hearing concerns. After assessing your situation, the tool may recommend various options, ranging from simple ear wax removal to more sophisticated solutions like hearing aids. It’s essential to understand that hearing issues can stem from multiple factors, and thus, the resolution must be just as multifaceted.

    Try our hearing helper today 

    Our location accessibility

    A photo of Pindrop Hearing's front door at Harley Street in London

    Harley Street Clinic address:

    41 Harley Street,
    W1G 8QH


    Transport Links: Easily accessible by public transport, with nearby tube stations Oxford Circus and Bond Street. Several bus routes also service the area.


    Parking: Recommendations include Q-Park Harley Street and Q-Park Oxford Street, along with pay-by-phone parking on Harley Street.


    Additional Clinics:

    • Winchmore Hill: Located at 748 Green Lanes, offering services like hearing tests and earwax removal.
    • Chelsea: Situated at 412 Kings Road, providing a range of audiology services.
    • Spire Bushey Hospital: This location offers specialised services and is located at Heathbourne Road, Bushey.


    In 2024, Pindrop Hearing in London stands out as the premier destination for anyone looking to enhance their hearing. With our expert team, advanced technology, and commitment to personalised care, we ensure that your journey to better hearing is smooth, effective, and rewarding.


    Don’t let hearing loss hold you back. Choose Pindrop Hearing for a life of clearer, richer sounds. Get in touch today to book your appointment.
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Chelsea, Kings Road

412 Kings Road Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ

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Spire Bushey Hospital

Heathbourne Road, Bushey Herts, WD23 1RD

0208 901 5555

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