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Ear wax removal in London

If you’ve been troubled by excessive or impacted ear wax, you’ll know it can cause discomfort, hearing loss, and even tinnitus. Seeking professional help is crucial to maintain your ear health and to avoid further complications. At Pindrop Hearing, we offer professional and affordable ear wax removal in London, with clinics in Harley Street, Winchmore Hill, and Chelsea.

What is Microsuction Ear Wax removal?

One of the most efficient procedures we offer is microsuction ear wax removal. Priced at £80 for one or both ears, microsuction is a minimally invasive method that uses gentle suction to remove excessive or problematic ear wax. Our Audiologists, who are trained and examined by ENT surgeons, use a microscope to look directly into the ear canal and employ a sterile suction device to gently remove the wax.


We strive to provide a comfortable experience at our modern clinics, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. This helps ensure full peace of mind. Depending on patient needs, other methods may be used, including utilising other instruments or softening the wax with olive oil.

Microsuction vs. Irrigation Ear Wax removal

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Traditionally, ear wax removal is carried out using ear irrigation, which involves injecting a jet of water into the ear to remove the wax. However, microsuction ear wax removal boasts several advantages, making it a preferred choice. It’s performed by a trained clinician who can see the entire process, provides immediate results, creates less mess, and is faster and more preferred by the majority of people.

Your journey to cleaner ears

The path to cleaner ears is a six-step journey, starting with a brief medical history taken by your Audiologist. We’ll then examine your ears, recording images using a video otoscope. These images will be shown to you on a screen, ensuring transparency in the process.

Get ear wax removal for £80 in London

Our comfortable, modern clinics in Harley Street, Winchmore Hill and Chelsea, London all use the latest state of the art equipment for full peace of mind.

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Next, the ear wax removal process will be thoroughly explained before the actual procedure takes place. After completion, we’ll take another set of images, so you can see your clear ear drums. In some cases, all the wax may not be removable in one session. If this is the case, we’ll advise a follow-up session at a reduced cost.


Many people wonder about the purpose of earwax and why we have it. 

Earwax serves as a self-cleaning agent to keep our ears healthy. Problems can arise when the wax becomes excessive or impacted, causing symptoms like earache, tinnitus, or temporary hearing loss. In such cases, professional ear wax removal is advisable.

We specialise in microsuction ear wax removal, a safe and effective procedure. Our trained Audiologists ensure comfort and peace of mind during the process. We also provide services to children, making us a family-friendly clinic.

“Very friendly, efficient and professional. Only took 20 minutes to sort my ear wax problem out. I can hear again!! Thank you.”– Maria K

Pricing and policies

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Our earwax removal service, which includes video otoscopy, costs £80 for either one or both ears. The appointment lasts 30 minutes, and our aim is to complete the procedure within this timeframe. If a second session is necessary due to stubborn or impacted wax, it will be priced at £50. If no ear wax is found and the procedure is not required, a Tympanometry test will be performed at a reduced fee of £50.

We request that any cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations or no-shows may incur a £65 fee.

Why choose Pindrop Hearing?

Our Audiologists are all hospital-trained Clinical Audiologists, vetted by ENT surgeons. We use medical ENT microscopes that offer higher magnification than those used in makeshift clinics in pharmacies and opticians. This ensures clear visibility and maximum safety during the procedure.


Additionally, we use professional, high specification ENT suction units, manufactured by Otopront. All the instruments are single-use, sterile, and individually packed. Choosing Pindrop Hearing means choosing safety, professionalism, and expert care.


To book an appointment or for further information, please get in touch with us. Trust us to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and effective solution for your ear wax troubles.

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