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Using your hearing aids to improve your mental health

Hearing aids aren’t mere audibility instruments. New evidence suggests hearing aids can prevent or delay the onset of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and dementia. Interestingly, the research suggests you can enjoy better health using your hearing devices.


Experts argue that most of these mental health issues stem from the social isolation that people with hearing loss often face. So, here’s how you can use your hearing aids to improve your mental health.

Hearing Aids Improve Memory and Mental Alertness

A joint study by the University of Exeter and King’s College concluded that hard-of-hearing people who wear devices to combat ageing problems generally maintain better brain function than those who don’t. Significantly, those who wear a hearing aid mitigate dementia risks by keeping the brain active due to the close relationship the ear plays in relaying sound to the brain.


The sharper the brain, the better you can pick up these signals and be alert. Awareness and being present are key factors in mental health.

Hearing Aids Help Fight Depression and Anxiety

A recent Manchester University study links hearing loss with increased depression levels in adults. Further, it associates hearing loss with increased utilisation of mental health services and the use of antidepressants. The study suggests that those who regularly wear hearing aids have a lower risk of depression.


Wearing hearing aids regularly reduces the risk of depression due to the comfort and confidence level of being heard in social settings. Being different and having to communicate differently can be frustrating and wearing your hearing aids can lessen unnecessary stress and allow conversations to flow freely. It may seem like you’re conforming others to make their lives easier, and perhaps you are. Still, you’ll also be prioritising your mental health and your ability to communicate with others.

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Hearing Aids Boost Cognitive Function

The British Alzheimer’s Association reports that deaf and hard-of-hearing people who don’t wear hearing devices show significant cognitive decline. Cognitive health regarding the ear includes locating and identifying sounds and speech clarity. Therefore, those who want to stay sharp regardless of age should continue wearing their hearing aids to practice these skills and improve cognitive functions.


The evidence, thus far, indicates those who regularly wear their hearing aids will likely enjoy better mental health and other benefits. Additionally, you’ll remain alert and retain your cognitive function regardless of your age. Use these remarkable devices regularly to reap numerous mental health benefits.


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