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Exercise and Hearing Aids

Whether you’re an avid gym goer, an outdoor runner or someone who prefers to get their steps up with walking the dog, regular exercise is an important contributor to good health and wellbeing.

Older hearing aids had to be kept from any kind of condensation at all costs. These days, exercise doesn’t have to mean no hearing aid! Modern hearing aids are far more adaptable and are designed to suit your everyday life – which thankfully, means sport and exercise too!

Our Pindrop Hearing experts look at why your hearing aids should become a key part of your activewear and how to ensure they stay safe while you’re working up a sweat.

Why you should wear your Hearing Aids while exercising:

There’s no ‘I’ in Team!

If you play a team sport, it’s important to be able to communicate with the other players on the pitch or court. It’s also just as important if you’re walking on the beach with a friend. Leaving your hearing aids in while you exercise means you can stay connected with those around you and enjoy your activity to the maximum.


Even if you don’t play sport or work out at a competitive level, improved hearing = improved safety while exercising. For example, Golfers need to hear when another yells “fore” from across the course – just as cyclists need to hear the road noise from approaching vehicles.

Listen to music:

Did you know that many modern hearing aids offer wireless functionality that helps you connect effortlessly to your favourite playlists?  Ask us more about this when you come to your hearing appointment at one of our clinics Contact Pindrop Hearing

Quick Tips for Exercising with Hearing Aids:

  1. Get insured if you’re regularly active: Being covered for any accidental damage while working out will give you greater peace of mind while exercising.
  2. Dress smart: Ensure you choose activewear that won’t interfere with your hearing aids – watch out for hoods, scarves, sunglasses or caps that may knock them out of place.
  3. Swimmers’ ear plugs: You can’t wear your aids while swimming, however, remember to make sure your ear is completely dry afterward by wearing ear plugs while you swim – these will also help protect against ear infections. We do however have a product called Lyric that can help in some of these areas as you don’t remove them at night and they are 100% invisible Lyric hearing aids – Pindrop Hearing partner
  4. Hearing Aid Clips: Taking part in a contact sport? Hearing aid clips can help prevent your hearing aids falling out if you use the behind the ear ones.

Hearing aid Accessories for Exercise:

While the majority of modern hearing aids are fairly resistant to sweat and dust (they have ‘IP’ ratings), there are a few accessories you can invest in for added peace of mind – these may be particularly useful for those who are extremely active.

Hearing Aid Sweat Bands

Absorbent sleeves to protect your hearing aids from sweat and grime – particularly useful for Behind-the-ear aids, which are more sensitive to moisture.

Drying equipment

We stock drying boxes that will dry out your hearing aids after a workout. If you’re a swimmer or enjoy intense workouts on a regular basis, these are definitely one for you! You can use them daily as a preventative measure too.

Hearing aid clips

We mentioned these earlier. These clever clips attach to your clothing or extend behind the back of your head to prevent hearing aids from falling out.

All in all…get going!

It’s true that your workout may require a tiny bit more planning than it used to but with that extra forethought, you can enjoy your workouts and activities to the absolute fullest while ensuring you are safe doing so. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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