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Why a private practice is superior to the high street

Choosing a hearing care professional can be a difficult task when bombarded with so many seemingly suitable options.  We thought we would help you out with some of the queries our clients had when they first came to us, it’s perfectly normal to be confused about why you should find a professional that suits your lifestyle and personality but it’s easy for us to clarify.

What makes a good Audiologist?

Any Hearing Aid Audiologist in the UK private market, should be governed by the regulatory body, the HCPC (Health and care Professions Council).  They provide standards for proficiency and monitor the legal and ethical methods of practice alongside safety and care.  You can check the register yourself, here https://www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/ if you are concerned.
As with any healthcare professional, you must choose someone you like, respect and trust.  Some high street chains will pass you from one staff member to another which is far less likely in a private practice such as Pindrop Hearing.  Your hearing journey needs one to one understanding and continuity to be successful.

How much should you pay?

If you are suitable for hearing aids, the advice we give our clients is to buy the best that you can afford.  Like with any electrical device or lifestyle purchase, you need to make sure the product you are buying maximises your lifestyle and meets your needs.
Prices vary and can become confusing if you haven’t done your research.  Cheap prices are usually indicative of poor service or aftercare, you mustn’t view this as a one-off transaction, it’s a journey and ongoing care is imperative to your hearing success and protecting your existing hearing for future.

What should your hearing journey look like?

Your hearing journey should be all about YOU.  It should not be about the products that the Audiology professional prefers, it should be about your lifestyle and your choices.  Your hearing journey should be a strong and ongoing relationship with your chosen professional, filled with time, care, listening and focused, clinically proficient outcomes.  If you choose the right professional from the start, you should want to tell your friends how great the service has been!
The Audiologists at Pindrop Hearing have qualifications over and above the standard UK requirements for a Hearing Aid Dispenser such as BSc, MSc or Doctorate in Audiology.
Pindrop Hearing also have dual registration with the HCPC as Clinical Scientists in Audiology which you can verify online.  There are a few other factors you may need to take in to consideration too.  Your hearing assessment at Pindrop will be different to the high street as there is plenty of time allocated to personalising your hearing outcomes and there is always independent choice of manufacturer to best suit your needs.
There is also evidence-based practice; using clinical tests to properly validate the hearing aids are delivering the intended outcomes, this is really important for real-life client satisfaction.

What do you need to be wary of?

Be wary of cheap prices that provide the product only.  Hearing well is about adjustments and getting the right solution for you, over time, not a quick fix.  Hearing is not like optics where you put glasses on and instantly see better, your brain needs time to adjust.
Be wary of professionals who are overly ‘salesy’ and who don’t take an interest in your hearing story.  Your lifestyle is crucial to your hearing success so make sure you take the time to choose someone who will listen and understand what you need.
Be wary of being rushed in to a decision, this is your life and these are your ears and you must stay in charge of them!  Taking action to protect your hearing is a big step but one you will never look back from if you take it, you will ensure you are maximising your hearing for your future rather than letting it deteriorate.

Pindrop Hearing is your premier hearing clinic, providing high standards of clinical audiology in London. Our expert team can help you to get the most from your hearing this year, so get in touch to find out more.

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